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Body Engineering Institute

Welcome to the Body Engineering Institute, a premier continuing education platform tailored to health professionals seeking to enhance and optimize the form, function, and performance of the human body.

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Our comprehensive online courses provide a cutting-edge toolkit of tools, techniques, and protocols designed to empower practitioners in their pursuit of excellence.


Dao Needle Therapy Foundations Course

Dao Foundations Course teaches you the core foundation, principles, techniques and protocols of Dao Needle Therapy


Dao Needle Therapy Level 1 Online Course

Level 1 uses teaches postural analysis, fascial mapping, biomechanical tests, patient positioning, corrective exercises, and advanced needling to relieve chronic pain and correct postural imbalances.

Dry Needling & Dao Needling

Throughout the learning process, aspiring dry needling practitioners gain insights into the underlying theories and evidence-based approaches related to the technique's efficacy and application. They also learn how to integrate dry needling into a holistic treatment plan, combining it with other therapeutic modalities such as Dao Needling to optimize patient outcomes.

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Unleash your potential as you explore our meticulously designed courses, meticulously crafted to provide you with the latest advancements and evidence-based strategies. From biomechanics to functional movement analysis, from performance enhancement to injury prevention, our courses cover a comprehensive spectrum of topics.


At the Body Engineering Institute, we understand the crucial role that continuous learning plays in the ever-evolving field of healthcare. That’s why we’ve curated a diverse range of courses that delve deep into the intricacies of body engineering.


Whether you’re a physical therapist, chiropractor, sports medicine professional, or any other health expert, our platform offers a wealth of knowledge to elevate your practice to new heights.

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By choosing the Body Engineering Institute, you’ll join a thriving community of like-minded professionals, passionate about pushing the boundaries of healthcare. Collaborate, share insights, and network with peers from around the globe, fostering a collective pursuit of excellence.
Experience the future of continuing education as you unlock the potential of the human body. Enroll in our transformative online courses today and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and professional growth. Together, let’s engineer a better body

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“Thanks for the excellent training this weekend in Dao Needle Therapy. Overall, it was an invigorating, highly paced, excellent workshop. I can honestly say that over the last 27 years of study and practice in this medicine, your training ranked high up on my list of all-time favorites. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge of the subject is broad and deep, and what’s impressive is how I feel after receiving Dāo Needle therapy. Often times, training can be superb, however devoid of real clinical results. This is definitely not the case with Dāo Needle Therapy! I would fully recommend your training series for any practitioner whether they have been in practice 2 days or 40 years.”
Greg Lane, DACM, LAC
Completed San Diego Dāo Needle Course, 2017
“Brian’s Level 1 Dao Needle class is amazing and value-packed. Not only do you learn a new needling technique, but you also learn postural analysis, movement assessment and corrective exercises. I’ve taken a ton of different acupuncture classes focused on the treatment of pain and have never been given anywhere close to the amount of usable information that I received in his class. I was able to use the fascial needling technique first day I was back in my clinic. Patients liked the technique and the results. If you treat pain and have not taken this class you are missing out!”
Stacy Hewitt, L.Ac, LMBT
Acupuncture Health Company